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Truly Passionate about Spanish food!

Having migrated to Australia as a very young child, I grew up with my family in Sydney absorbing my father’s great passion for food and cooking. In particular, my father introduced us to the delicious Spanish traditional cuisine.

He would create nutritious menus prepared with a lot of love but always bringing our attention to the importance of the quality of the simple ingredients involved: the fresh seafood, the olive oil, the seasonal vegetables and the tasty but subtle touch of the unique spices.

Whilst on a holiday in Spain, I met my wife, Rosa. Since then, we have frequently enjoyed visiting the different regions of Spain discovering their charm and what each one of those beautiful areas has to offer in terms of flavour. Indeed, Spaniards are very fortunate in having such a rich and sophisticated food culture.

Finally in 2010, after having spent the last 18 years working in the finance industry, it was time for me to share that fantastic passion for food and cooking that I had inherited from my father with food lovers in Sydney. So, my wife and I attended the Hospitality Course at TAFE and officially became CHEFS!

The result of our love for excellent food is Casa Pancorbo.

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