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We pride ourselves on bringing authentic Spanish cuisine to you!

The finest and freshest seasonal ingredients are personally selected by us. Call us for catering Weddings, Birthdays and any family and friends gathering or Corporate events.

Gluten-free and Vegetarian Menus available, we are happy to adjust our recipes to suit your preferences.

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    Paellas (Specialty of Casa Pancorbo) are mainly made of rice their variations come from the seafood, meats or vegetables used. Saffron, extra virgin olive oil and our home-made stocks are combined in a the unique flavor that will indulge your palate.

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    Tapas are always a great way to enjoy a variety of different tastes all at once. These smaller portioned plates are great for sharing or for finger food over drinks, and are typically very gourmet in taste.

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    Harvest menu

    An explosion of Spanish gastronomy with colors, smells and flavors to surprise and delight your guests senses. Ideal for corporate events, parties, gatherings, weddings or any environment. Served buffet style with porcelain plates provided with cutlery.

  • churros

    Sweet tooth? Not to worry, desserts are among some of the most famous elements of the Spanish cuisine tradition, inherited from the Moors and also from nuns!

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